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Monday, November 17 2014

Tesoro is the Spanish word for treasure, so it's no wonder this brand has been one of the industry's leading metal detector manufacturers for nearly 35 years. All 11 models are made in the USA and include a lifetime warranty. If you're looking for a brief comparison of the various models, below is a short description (in no particular order) of the strengths and price points of each Tesoro metal detector. Want to learn more about a particular model? Just click that link for greater detail and photos.

Tesoro compadre metal detector• If you're just getting started as a detectorist, the Compadre is the perfect introduction to the world of metal detecting and doesn't break the bank at only $165.50. This modest and effective detector has one knob to adjust the discrimination level, helping users to filt out unwanted targets. The Compadre represents the essence of metal detecting, where exploration and discovery combine to create a rich and rewarding hobby!

• Tesoro's Silver uMax is known for its capable, uncomplicated 2-knob operation. With both a sensitivity and a discrimination adjustment, the Silver uMax provides more information about your targets and the conditions of your hunt. This machine also offers the option to change search coils, enhancing the versatility of this ultra-lightweight machine. Not bad for just $254.15!

• The Tesoro Outlaw Metal Detector ($437.75) represents the return of true no motion, all-metal treasure hunting. This machine has discrimination, sensitivity, threshold, and ground balance adjustments. The all-terrain Outlaw Coil Pack ($551.65) includes the detector and 3 coils: 5.75" concentric, 8" round concentric, and 12x10" widescan. The standard 8 inch coil provides great balance between depth and sensitivity and is an efficient pinpointer. The 5.75" coil utilizes tremendous sensitivity, making it an optimal tool for pinpointing targets. The 12x10 inch coil is less susceptible to ground effects, which means it is perfect for heavily mineralized sites or hunting larger targets.

• Intelligence meets simplicity in Tesoro's DeLeon -- an easy to use, turn-on-and-go metal detector for $509.15. This smart machine features digital processing, which allows you to get the most out of the its coil's signal. The visual identification system works in two ways: the detector samples the signal and provides a 5-bar graph that indicates the signal's average, and a 2-digit ID number shows the max signal strength.

Tesoro Cortes Metal Detector• The Cortes features visual and auto identification, notch filter and pre-set ground balance in discrimination mode and manual ground adjustment in all-metal mode. The VID (visual identification) system works in two ways: the detector samples the signal and provides a 9-segment bar graph of the entire signal  and a 2-digit ID numbers shows the ID at the max signal strength. In addition to the expansive information provided by the VID, the Cortes boasts 9 different tones for superior audio identification and is priced at $721.65. Never guess a target again!

• And you'll never miss a target with the Tesoro Cibola either since it is a powerful turn-on-and-go metal detector. It provides pre-set mineral rejection, which leaves you more time to hunt and less time manually readjusting to different types of soil. The Cibola is perfect for detecting with friends because of its frequency shift, which allows you to choose between 3 different frequencies and eliminate interference between metal detectors. This ultra light-weight treasure finder offers the ability to super-tune, causing it to overdrive small signals for better clarity. This multi-faceted machine does everything a more expensive detector can do, at a fraction of the weight and cost (only $361.25).

• Tesoro's Vaquero is an extremely effective machine, especially for an ultra- lightweight detector. It can do it all-- prospecting, coin shooting, and treasure hunting. The Vaquero has enough controls and features to be an excellent all-around machine that can be taken anywhere, yet the price is just $446.25. Manual ground balance allows users to control the Vaquero's response to the soil, even in highly mineralized locations. Similar to the Cibola, the Vaquero allows you to super-tune as well as shift frequencies when hunting with friends.

• The $594.15 Tejon metal detector features a dual discriminator that is activated by an effortless trigger switch, allowing for an instant target check. This detector also includes a tone adjustment option that is designed for treasure hunters who have lost the ability to hear certain audio frequncies. The Tejon pushes the coil's signal deeper while increasing sensitivity for smaller targets. This unit is full of features that amount to more informed choices, less time digging trash, and most importantly -- more time hunting.

Tesoro Lobo Super Traq metal detector• Do you have gold fever? The Lobo Super TRAQ is an incredibly versatile, feature-rich machine that triumphs in small gold nugget prospecting. Spoil yourself with a detector that self-adjusts to any type of soil, even in highly mineralized locations. While the Lobo is designed to find gold, it also thrives in detecting coins, relics, and other treasures, too. A great value for only $679.15!

• The Tiger Shark is hands down one of the best fresh water metal detectors on the market. This simple machine is made for the detectorist who wants to spend time finding treasure, not memorizing special controls and techniques. This machine's Salt Mode changes the ground balance range to handle salt instead of minerals. The Tiger Shark's coild and headphones are hardwired to the machine to protect it from leaks. Can be submerged up to 200 feet. Available with an 8 inch coil for $636.65 or a 10.5 inch coil for an extra $25.50.

Tesoro Metal Detector• The Tesoro Sand Shark is the perfect beach companion! The combination of moving salt water and mineralized soil can wreak havoc with your average detector. But since the Sand Shark utilizes Pulse Induction technology, it eliminates this issue and allows you the ability to hunt in areas that frustrate other detectorists. This unit provides control over the pulse width to balance batterly life and depth. The Sand Shark also includes a tone adjustment, allowing the user to choose either a variable pitch or a single tone. This machine's headphones and coils are hardwired to the detector to protect it against leaks. Dive up to 200 feet. Available with an 8 inch searchcoil for $577.15 or $602.65 with a larger 10.5 inch search coil.

No matter which Tesoro metal detector you choose, the words of founder Jack Gifford hold true: "As the Spaniards were yesterday's undisputed masters of treasure hunting, we at Tesoro will always endeavor to meet our goal of making Tesoro Metal Detectors today's undisputed masters of treasure hunting."  FREE SHIPPING on any detector priced $350 or more!

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